Phoenix and Chandler Tax Preparation Services

When it comes to preparing your tax return, you have many choices.

You can choose the company who has a Santa Claus standing on the side of the road holding a "tax prep" sign, you can choose the one that runs commercials every 2 minutes, or you can even choose the one that sets up a kiosk in your local grocery store. What do these companies have in common? They promote their "discount prices" but tend to only offer discounted knowledge and expertise.

Why use a company whose tax preparers have only taken a 2 week course in preparing taxes? With our struggling economy, shrinking budgets, and decreasing home values, it is essential to hire a professional who KNOWS where to save you money. Our focus is on lowering your tax liability through tax incentives, deductions, and deferring income. In addition, we offer a variety of accounting and financial services to help you meet your business and personal goals.


Why Go Local?

National chain tax preparers focus on tax laws that remain the same nationwide. Tax laws differ by state and even by city. A firm offering tax preparation to Phoenix businesses and residents should be based in the local area and know the local laws. Opt for local tax preparation in Phoenix AZ and surrounding areas and get a personalized, friendly experience from start to finish.


Unparalleled Expertise

At Sundin and Fish PLC, our team consists of knowledgeable individuals who make tax preparation simple for you. Tax laws are often changing and we’re always in-the-know, looking for ways to maximize returns and minimize penalties for our clients. If you have a question, your Phoenix or Chandler tax preparation team is just a phone call away.


Personal Service

When you compare a local Phoenix accountant to a national chain representative, you’re comparing apples to oranges. At Sundin and Fish PLC, you get a personalized experience, whether filing personal or business taxes. When you choose localized Phoenix tax preparation, you have the option of stopping by our office rather than having to wait on hold or for an email response.


How Much Will It Cost?

Our prices vary depending on what you need to complete your return. .To get a quote for your custom return, please give us a call.

Work with a CPA firm that has the resources, education and expertise to help you succeed.