Tax Planning

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" - Ben Franklin. For many tax preparers, the extent of their "tax plan" is to have you withhold more money so you won't owe next year. Our company specializes in taking a proactive approach to TAX, ACCOUNTING, and PAYROLL. Our services focus on maximizing your savings through planning and preparation before the tax deadline, when it is too late.

For business clients there are many areas where we can save you thousands of dollars. One of the most basic items to consider is the way your entity is set up to file its taxes. With the right elections, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary tax. There are also many options to defer taxes, write off benefits, take advantage of insurance credits, and more, depending on what you want or are able to do. One of the more popular strategies is the solo 401k, where the company matches the 401k contribution of the sole employee, who just happens to be the owner. Believe it or not, the strategies gets even better!

For individuals, many people are worried about the economy and are tempted to “cash out” of their retirement plans. We can not only show you why that is a bad idea, but point you in a direction where you can feel your money is safe. We also can focus on making sure you are taking full advantage of your deferrals, deductions, and many of the Federal and state credits.