Our Professional Services

Business and Personal Tax Returns

When it comes to preparing your tax return, you have many choices. You can choose the company who has a Santa Claus standing on the side of the road holding a "tax prep" sign, you can choose the one that runs commercials every 2 minutes, or you can even chose the one that sets up a kiosk in your local grocery store. What do these companies have in common? They ...

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Tax Planning

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" - Ben Franklin. For many tax preparers the extent of their "tax plan" is to have you withhold more money so you wont owe next year. Our company specializes in taking a proactive approach to TAX, ACCOUNTING, and PAYROLL. Our services focus on maximizing your savings through....

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Keeping good records will determine whether or not your company succeeds or fails.

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QuickBooks Training

There are a lot of different accounting software, each having its pros and cons. We recommend that our clients use QuickBooks for their accounting needs. It is the easiest to learn and by far the most cost effective.

Some benefits to using QuickBooks are....

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Sales Tax Preparation

One of the disadvantages of QuickBooks is that it doesn't quite calculate the sales tax amount correctly. Of course the QuickBooks amount is on average closer to the correct amount that on the average self-prepared Sales tax Return. Usually people end up missing...

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Payroll Services

Payroll is the process by which employees are compensated for their services. Pay day is only one day of the week for an employee – but for an employer – the payroll process begins many days before. In fact, payroll becomes a responsibility for an employer as soon as employees are hired. Employers are required by law to withhold payroll taxes from.....

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