Where's My Refund?

Many People are under the impression that just because we prepared the tax return we are able to track the status of its progression through the Government's Tax system. Similar to the way we are able to go online and track the progression of packages. Unfortunately, once your return leaves our office we no longer have any access to it and it is solely in the hands of the government. The best they can offer is as estimate of when they think your return will be processed and your refund sent to you.


2 ways to speed the process are:

  • E-file your return - This allows the return to electronically be sent with cuts the mailman and the IRS data processor out of the equation.
  • Direct Deposit of Refund - This will cut the check writing and mailman delivery portion out of the equation

On average this will get your tax refund to you in 2-3 weeks instead of 6-12 weeks

**** New **** You can also now check on the status of your Amended Return.

Click the IRS link to check on your Federal Refund and select a State for it's status.





In addition to online tax return tracking the IRS has also developed a Tax app Called IRS2GO. RS2Go is an IRS-developed app designed to help taxpayers in several ways. The app lets taxpayers check on the status of their refund, sign up for helpful tax tips or get the most recent IRS Twitter feeds. Download IRS2Go, then connect with the IRS whenever you want, wherever you are.

IRS2GO for iTunes

IRS2GO for Andorid

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