Setting up a New Entity

There are several items to consider when setting up a new business. "What are the pros and cons of entity types, and which would be most beneficial to you?" "What type are you allowed to use?" And last but not least, "What name do you use?"

After you have answered the important questions above, you will need to start the setup with all the different agencies.

  • Setup your name with your state corporation commission AZ corporation commission (for Arizona)
  • After the corporation commission approves your name you can get an EIN from the IRS.
  • With your EIN you can setup your payroll, sales tax, and entity elections with the different agencies
  • Don't forget to publish your articles of organization

Many people also make the mistake of creating a company without accounting for future growth. If you are only planning on staying one size, having one location, and staying in business forever, then go ahead and set it up how you want. We can sit down with you and develop a long term plan which can accommodate all your current and future goals

If you want to have us professionally take care of your setup and publishing, ask us about our "Company Setup Package".

We also offer a monitoring service where we will make sure you stay in good standing by filing your annual reports and ensuring your contact information is correct.

Come in for your complimentary business consultation.